My Personal Top 10 Women Writers


Vintage-Typing-Ladies-GraphicsFairyIt’s hard to describe what makes an author special. Some writers manage to move us emotionally, others woo us with their imaginary, astonish us with their beauty of expression.

And there is always that question: do their words matter? Do they make us see the world differently? Do they make us question things, or help us understand things better?

Here are my personal top ten women writers who moved me, astonished me and inspired me:

10) Simone de Beauvoir
“What would Prince Charming have for occupation if he had not to awaken the Sleeping Beauty?”

Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

9) Christa Wolf
“Night thoughts have a different color than day thoughts, a different slant, more than anything else they know all the secret paths and chinks in the armor they can take advantage of to force their way into consciousness.”

Christa Wolf, City of…

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