Corona Diary

from Vienna with love

Week 3

from tomorrow grocery shopping will be a masquerade.

Week 2

I’ve come to love the roof of my house. looking around I’m surprised to see that most of the other balconies and terraces are abandoned. why does nobody sit outside, when they have the chance to do so?

grocery shopping. everyone wears gloves. nobody looks at the other customers. as if the virus can spread by looking into someone’s eyes. the cashiers are protected by bullet-proof glass. at least they dare look.

Week 1

time flies. my fingers are typing, restlessly. so many ideas. so much to say. real life has become much more surreal than fiction.

people seem to distract themselves from daily news by stockpiling toilet paper. maybe they build noise barriers with it, so they are not disturbed in their home office.

I write horror fiction. but I get the feeling that’s not what people want to read at the moment. horror fiction.

this is all going to be over at some point.

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