• Witchcraft

    Witchcraft was first published in December 2015 at 101 Fiction Read more

  • The Giggles

    The Giggles was first published on December 9, 2014. Read more

  • The Remains

    The Remains was first published in June 2015. Read Here Read more

  • Snail Day

    Snail Day was first published around this time last year. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday Snail Day Read more

  • Halloween: Vampires

    Halloween: Vampires

    “I want you to believe…to believe in things that you cannot.” Bram Stoker, Dracula (1897) This Irish writer managed to create a novel where he blended the lore of centuries past with popular contemporary topics, thus allowing his readers to believe even the most unusual occurrences. Although myths and folktales about monsters who become immortal… Read more

  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home

    I know I’m late. In my battered car, I watch the second hand on my watch jump with every palpitation of my heart. The delicate metal of the second hand is trembling, as if it might get stuck. Mom doesn’t like it when people are running late. It makes her usually patient nature run wild. read… Read more

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