Movie Review: Burroughs – the Movie

Burroughs -The Movie, the first long feature documentary made about the author by the same name, offers us an intimate portrait of a controversial man. Part of why this film is so personal is due to the close friendship that developed between Burroughs and Howard Brookner, the director, during the 5 year long filming process. Initially Brookner’s senior thesis at NYU, the film was subsequently expanded into a feature and received widely positive reviews upon its release. The film material was restored and digitalized in 2012 by Brookner’s nephew, Aaron Brookner and was then released in 2014, the year of Burroughs’ 100th birthday. The documentary wins over its audience due to Burroughs’ honesty in recounting his life, which leads to the impression that despite his shortcomings as a responsible adult and father, there was a fairly likeable character hiding behind his cheeky smile.


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